What is CambridgeBOLD?

CambridgeBOLD was formed to co-ordinate a response to the Greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board’s public consultation in October 2015 on the best route for a new bus & cycle-route between Cambourne and Cambridge.  It’s response to that consultation is here.

It has also responded to the Western Orbital consultation: see here.

CambridgeBOLD‘s responses are intended to represent as much as possible a broad consensus of local opinion along the route.

Please email comments@cambridgebold.org if you’d like a printed copy posted to you, or to discuss the document.

Why is it called BOLD?…

  • we took the name “Bold” from the June meeting of the City Deal Assembly, when various Assembly-members called for “a bold approach to Cambridge’s transport problems“.
  • our proposals are indeed bold, constructive and forward-looking: they will cater for the growing volume of traffic; they include extensive off-road cycle routes; they address the “Western Orbital” route to the Biomedical Campus; they are deliverable; and they can be constructed in stages as additional finance becomes available.
  • with a mixture of light-heartedness and seriousness, we decided that BOLD could perhaps stand for “Brilliantly-Organised, Locally-Designed”

 This web-site is managed by South Cambridgeshire District Councillor Francis Burkitt